Tax Counselors - Returning

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Returning Counselor Information and Registration

We welcome our returning counselors. Please review the following information carefully.

Although we have several Saturday and evening sites, most of our counseling is during weekdays.  We ask volunteers to commit to at least four to six hours each week during the tax season (first week in February until April 17, 2018) although most put in more hours.


All counselors must be certified each year by the IRS and AARP to prepare taxes.  Counselors must pass the written exam prepared by the IRS and a Maryland test.  

Training for Returning Counselors

Counselor training classes will be held in January.


Mentors are returning counselors who help volunteers during training and certification.   Mentors must complete the certification exams before the start of new counselor training. 

A mentor attends the new counselor training week (in place of a returning counselor training course) and works with an assigned group of new volunteers to help the new volunteers as needed during training.  The mentor is available after training to assist the volunteers in his/her group to become certified.  

Mentors will also staff workshop sessions, scheduled during the January counselor training sessions, to assist both new and returning volunteers with TaxSlayer.

Please indicate on the registration form if you are interested in volunteering as a mentor.   Mentors will be contacted in late December after we have an estimate of the number of counselor volunteers and, therefore, the number of mentors needed.  

Laptop Computers

We strongly urge you to bring your personal laptop if you have one since your familiarity with it will make it easier to use.  TaxSlayer is accessed through the internet using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari 5.1 or higher, or Google Chrome.   No changes will be made to your computer.  You may use Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 operating system or Macintosh with Chrome.  You cannot use Windows XP.  

We have a limited number of ‘loaner’ laptops.  Please indicate whether you will need to use a loaner laptop 

Please note:   Windows XP may not be used on any computer accessing TaxSlayer, including home computers used for training. 

Tax-Aide Counselors Registration

If you wish to volunteer during the 2017 tax-year season please respond to the email that will be sent in early November. Questions? Email